1. Online Module

Online Learning Platform

In partnership with Practera (online technology-learning platform), Student Horizons facilitates the learning and communication flows between school student teams and the employer partners in a safe place. Through the duration of the 3 month program, students have access to the online learning platform where they will:

  • Work through lectures and seminars (individually or as a team)
  • Work through real-world problems set by employer partners as a team
  • Reflect on program experiences in real time from their phone or lap top
  • Submit individual self-reflections, project team reports and presentations
The platform will deliver and or enable the following:
  • Student Registration
  • Pulse/engagement checks
  • Notification driven feedback
  • Sentiment Tracking
  • Reviewer helpfulness
  • Team360 reviews
  • Reflection Analytics
  • Team communication with “Teacher Mentor” able to view all communications with their team
  • Submission of reports
  • Submission of independent reflections
  • Feedback Loops
  • Micro Credential – Digital Certificates e.g. Problem Solving
Online Learning Platform