A Truly Unique Experiential Career Program for Year 10 Students

Answering the question “what are you going to do when you leave school?” is a challenge every student faces and causes equal amounts of anxiety for both student and parents alike. The range of opportunities for young people leaving school is enormous but navigating the maze of options, deciding what pathways to take and getting first-hand knowledge of what working life really looks like is very difficult. Employers are looking to recruit high performing talent and engage with young people but aside from a few industries, many struggle to engage effectively with school leavers. The transition from school to the workforce is far from seamless and we believe there is a gap between school and the employment market and our program is designed to fill that void, providing students the best possible head start in their professional careers.

Our unique Year 10 careers program will not only help to broaden student horizons but also inspire and channel student aspirations. Thus building student confidence in making informed choices in their future study and career pathway.

Career Program Experience