METS Ignited – METS and Mining Industry Association Partner

METS Ignited

“At METS Ignited we are delighted to support the Student Horizons Experiential Careers Programs for Year 10 students. This unique and pioneering program will help to provide 15 and 16-year old’s with real-world exposure to the METS and resources industry. Australia’s resources sector is recognised as world-class, with our local research capability under pinning our global leadership position. From low emissions technologies to electric vehicles, from autonomous systems and robotic equipment, our sector will need to attract the best and brightest of our next generation to help secure our sectors future. This experiential, immersive learning framework provided by the program will help broaden students understanding of the myriad of career opportunities and pathways that exist across the industry here in Australia and around the world”
Adrian Beer
CEO – METS Ignited

METS Ignited is an industry-led, government-funded Industry, Growth Centre for the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

METS Ignited works with innovative technology vendors, global mining companies, research organisations and capital providers to improve the global competitiveness and productivity of the Australia’s Resources Sector.

The METS sector is one of Australia’s largest, and the technology within the sector is in high demand across many other major economic drivers including construction, agriculture, energy and even space.

Since its foundation in 2016, METS Ignited has supported the double digit GVA growth for the METS Sector in Australia. Employment has also continued to rise year on year, with over 1.1 million employees nationally. Australia continues to be a global leader in the Mining Technology sector – recognised the world over for our innovation, practical skills and application of remote technology.

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Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) – Agriculture and Food Industry Association Partner

Meat & Livestock Australia

Student Horizons, via their Year 10 Experiential Careers Programs (ECP), are partnering with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) to help further school students’ knowledge of how red meat is produced and how the industry operates.

The ECP is a 3-month program of learning that takes place online, in the classroom and in the field. It is designed to broaden students’ real-world experience through engaging with a wide range of industry partners.

Student Horizons Managing Director Jamie Wansey said welcoming the red meat industry as a program partner would add credible industry-led content to build awareness about the red meat industry, on-farm production practices and supply chains.

“MLA’s involvement will assist to provide teachers and students with an educational experience that will increase their red meat industry awareness and knowledge with participants exploring many aspects of red meat production from farm to plate.

“Our 2022 ECP program will cover topics such as DNA testing, managing pests and vermin, improving pastures, livestock health and wellbeing, and managing water supplies. In the processing plant they will be exposed to robotics and how industry is now turning waste products into renewable energy sources. At the consumer-end they will visit an experimental kitchen to learn about branding, marketing and value adding product development.”

“Many young people who live in the big cities in Australia have little or no exposure to our primary industries and are unaware of the many career opportunities available to them in the Ag and Food sector. We hope this program will spark an interest for many students as future leaders or employees in the red meat and livestock sector.”

MLA Group Stakeholder Collaboration Manager, Samantha Jamieson, said the new partnership is a fantastic opportunity for MLA to build on its existing suite of curriculum-aligned school education initiatives.

“MLA’s school education program aims to engage students and teachers through education partnerships that increase participant’s knowledge of the red meat and livestock sector, and specifically to learn more about the industry’s positive environmental management practices, animal health and wellbeing, and the role of red meat in a healthy lifestyle.” Ms Jamieson said.

“The ECP, with its blended learning format, provides a number of platforms for MLA to help educate students about Australian red meat production and supply chains in order to deliver transformational experiences for young people.”

The Student Horizons Experiential Careers Programs are running throughout next year in Queensland and there are plans in place to expand the program offering to schools across Australia from 2023.

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