St Laurence's College

The Student Horizons Experiential Careers Program was an excellent program for our Grade 10 students to be involved in. It gave them opportunities to liaise with professionals across various industries and practice their professional communication skills via a range of channels (in person, via online platforms, over email), which mirror the various ways that we need to communicate in a modern day workplace. The program also combined a mix of online learning, paired with experiential learning, through the field trip, which allowed students the chance to see ‘real-world’ examples of the content that they had learned about through the online component of the program. I thought that the program was exceptional – it combined a great amount of learning, with real world practice and experience and was fun for the students. It also exposed them to industry across the state, rather than only focusing on the South-Eastern corner of Queensland, which was eye opening for many of them. I would definitely recommend the Experiential Careers Program.

Careers Counsellor
St Laurence’s College

Unity College

I am the Pathways Leader at Unity College, a supervising teacher on the first Student Horizons ECP and a mother of a student who participated in the program. From a personal perspective, the Student Horizons ECP was the most valuable careers program our school has every participated in, it was personally one of the most wonderful trips of my life, and as a mother, it was the most beneficial money I have ever spent on my child.

This program is carefully planned and strategically designed so that meaningful and rich learning experiences are inevitable for students. The program uses real-world problem solving and reflective practices to take students out of their classrooms and into the factories, farms, hangers, office spaces, mines, oceans, and general workspaces. These experiences cannot be achieved in a traditional school setting, making it a careers experience like no other. Students see, engage, hear from, and contribute to real-world problems facing the industries of our future. In turn, partnerships are fostered with these industry partners when they benefit from the innovation and fresh perspectives of these young minds.

I watched students thoughtfully and articulately provide feedback to these industry partners. I observed students grow in confidence, be inspired, gain clarity about their future pathway all while having the time of their lives experiencing things that most people would never get to see/do in their lifetime. A bonus was that beautiful friendships between schools were formed, and memories were made. What an unforgettable experience – one that is sure to set these students up for a bright future in their dream careers!

Pathways Leader
Unity College