Frequently Asked Questions2021-06-30T03:54:36+00:00
How old do I have to be to apply for the Student Horizons Experiential Careers Program?2021-06-29T06:59:31+00:00

The program is designed for Year 10 High School Students who will be aged 15 and 16 years of age.

What is the duration of the Student Horizons Experiential Careers Program?2021-06-29T07:00:33+00:00

The program runs for 3 months and incorporates the following components:
• Online Module
• Industry Day
• 11 Day Field Trip across Queensland
• Reflection, Report and Pitch Presentations

How does the Online Module work?2021-06-29T07:01:04+00:00

The Online Module is made up of two parts:
1. Online study as an individual and/or as a team
2. Project work in teams solving the Real-World Problems posed by the employers

Will I receive a micro-credential?2021-06-29T07:03:06+00:00

Yes, if you complete all parts of the program, apply your learning, and demonstrate your learning of global skills during the program you will receive a micro-credential. You will then be able to add your digital micro credential badge to your linkedin profile.

How many students are participating in each program?2021-06-29T07:03:40+00:00

There are a minimum of 60 students and a maximum of 70 students in each program.

How many schools participate in each program?2021-06-29T07:04:14+00:00

There will be a maximum of 7 schools and a minimum of 6 schools in each program.

When will I mix with other students from other schools during the program?2021-06-29T07:04:43+00:00

You will connect and mix with other students from other schools during the Industry Day and on the 11-day field trip. Life-long friendships will no doubt be made.